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As the new year approaches and the word “resolution” becomes a big part of everyone’s vocabulary, you’re probably taking the time to reflect on your 2016 progress. Did you meet your weight loss and fitness goals or take big steps toward them? If you’re on the healthy and active lifestyle train, great! Take time to feel proud of what you’ve done and make a plan to keep seeing results next year. Read More.

As the holidays approach, temptation is everywhere. Baked goods at the office, fattening foods at every party, candy around the house – it seems impossible to stay on track during these last few weeks of the year. But the good news is, the holidays don’t have to mean unhealthy eating. With a few clever food swaps, you can still enjoy the decadent tastes of the season without the calories. Just check out these ideas we’ve put together to help you keep your weight loss goals on track during the holiday season. Read More.

With the first Smoothie King Center home game of the season just a few days away, the New Orleans Pelicans are perfecting their morning routines for energy to crush the competition. They’ve shared their top tips for a great morning with us so you too can wake up and power on like a pro athlete. Read More.

Tri-colored leaves and crisp morning sunrises – yep you guessed it, fall is here. Say bye-bye to the 15-minute snooze, and say hello to your banging fall body! Jump start your day the right way with these five morning exercises fit for fall. Read More.

September is National Better Breakfast Month, and now is the perfect time to focus on this important meal of the day. With school, sports and extracurricular activities firing back up, starting the day with a quality meal is vital. Celebrate Better Breakfast Month by fueling your body with these tasty and nutritious morning SWAPtions. Read More.


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