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Success Stories / Calling All 2016 Success Stories!

Dec 08, 2016 • Smoothie King

As the new year approaches and the word “resolution” becomes a big part of everyone’s vocabulary, you’re probably taking the time to reflect on your 2016 progress. Did you meet your weight management and fitness goals or take big steps toward them? If you’re on the healthy and active lifestyle train, great! Take time to feel proud of what you’ve done and make a plan to keep seeing results next year.

We know that a little inspiration goes a long way when it comes to keeping up your fitness efforts, especially in our busy world. That’s why Smoothie King started the Change a Meal Challenge – to create an easy, convenient way to help you meet your goal weight. Many of our Guests have had inspiring success! Just take a look at how Gloria conquered her busy schedule to lose over 30 pounds and pursue a better lifestyle for her and her family.


Do you have a story like Gloria’s? We want to hear from you! Share your success story with us and let us know how Smoothie King helped you change your habits and meet your goal weight.

Submit Your Story Button

Submit your story including a before / after photo, and you’ll receive a $10 Smoothie King gift card! Plus, you’ll have a chance to be featured as a success story for the 2017 Change a Meal Challenge and inspire others to transform their lives with better-for-you choices.

If your 2016 goals didn’t go quite as planned, keep an eye out for the 2017 Change a Meal Challenge! With over 20 Meal Replacement Smoothies at under 400 calories and with 10+ grams of protein to keep you full, this challenge helps fuel your goals within a busy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor. Stay tuned on details to get started!


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