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Take a Break / 5 Healthy Travel Tips To Make The Most of Your Vacation

Jul 28, 2015 • Smoothie King

For so many of our guests, summer is synonymous with one thing – vacation! Even if your family can only get away for a weekend, there’s nothing like a little time to take a break together. After all, a healthy and active lifestyle is all about balance. We know you want to make the most of your time off, too, so Smoothie King sat down with Nutritionist Brooke Alpert to get her expert tips on how to do just that.

The trick to coming back home truly relaxed and refreshed is simple – don’t lose sight of your health goals. While sticking to your typical diet or fitness plan might not be possible, eating nutritious food and finding ways to combine physical activity and fun certainly are. Read on for Brooke’s tips, which are easy to incorporate into any mode of travel, from airports to road trips and even stay-cations!

1. Maximize opportunities to move. Whether you’re about to be sitting for a flight, cross-country drive or afternoon by the water, make a point to explore your surroundings. Taking a brisk walk is a great way to wake up your muscles and burn some calories before what might otherwise be a sedentary day. Many airports even have complimentary yoga areas, so you can finally get in that yoga session without making an extra trip to the gym.

2. Invest in your health. Consider purchasing a bottle of water or a healthy snack with protein and electrolytes when you’re on the go. Nothing makes you more likely to make a poor choice than low blood sugar, dehydration, or both! If you’re not able to stop for snacks, plan ahead to pack healthy options. Most fruits, veggies and nuts can be lighter yet filling food choices you can take anywhere – even past airport security. In other words, perfect for summertime snacking!

3. Indulge wisely. Don't make impulsive purchases on junk food or anything that you wouldn't eat on a normal, non-travel day. Before you pay up or dig in, ask yourself if you’re choosing this quick hit of empty calories because you really want to or because you feel like you have to due to time, limited options or habit. Indulge mindfully and when it's really worth it to you.

4. Find nutrient-dense food. Eating nutrient-dense food means your body gets more bang for your buck – literally! Nutrient-dense foods like almond packs, Greek yogurt or bananas have a higher amount of nutrients per calorie. Looking for a convenient way to enjoy nutritious options like these? Try a Smoothie! Smoothie King has over 700 locations, including airport hubs like O’Hare, JFK and DFW. Smoothies are a fast, portable way to make sure your travel day is fueled with all the protein, vitamins and minerals you need.

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth. Satiating cravings doesn’t require a sugary binge! If your sweet tooth is calling, a piece of dark chocolate or a Dark Chocolate Banana Smoothie could be just the fix and provides antioxidants. Fruits like peaches are also summer favorites for refreshing and delicious snacks. Keep this quick tip in mind, though – don't be fooled by dried fruit. Most dried fruit is loaded with sugar and light on the nutrients so make a SWAP-tion for blended fruit instead.

Ready to put these steps into action? It’s not too late to take your first (or next!) summer vacation…on us! Every time you post pictures of your smoothie-fueled summer fun with #LifesAPeach, you’re entered to win a Miami beach vacation for two. Enter to win here or use #LifesAPeach on Instagram or Twitter before July 29 - we can’t wait to see your smoothie selfies!


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