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Wellness / 5 Reasons to Go Nutty for Plant-Based Nutrition

Apr 20, 2015 • Brooke Alpert

Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, pescetarian or a fruitetarian (just kidding on the last one) there are many benefits from incorporating a plant-based diet into your life. Plant-based foods are high in everything good for you, including fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. While I support good quality meat in a diet, I also love for clients to have a plant-based meal(s) regularly. It can be for Meatless Monday or a snack any day of the week.

There is no question that plant-based food is good for you, and did you know that people who follow plant-based diets have less incidents of everything from heart disease to type 2 diabetes, to cancers and other diseases?

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Many people don’t always realize how much protein you can get from plant-based foods, especially with nuts and certain grains. Nuts are incredibly high in protein plus loaded with healthy fats. Good quality whole grains, especially ancient grains are really taking center stage lately and also have protein, fiber, B vitamins and more!

A super easy way to have a filling, high protein, super healthy plant-based meal or snack is to get a smoothie. I think smoothies are great vehicles to add tons of nutritional benefits into any meal.

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Here are some great ways to get the most plant-based nutrition from your smoothies:

  1. Opt for almond milk instead of regular milk- great source of calcium plus a great flavor!
  2. Ancient grains are high in fiber, which makes them a great addition to any food, but especially smoothies. Smoothie King’s new Super Grain Enhancer contains 10 ancient grains (all gluten-free!) and can be added to any smoothie.
  3. Nuts are super high in vitamin E, which protects your cells from damage and premature aging. I love the Vegan Mango Kale Smoothie for a vitamin E boost!
  4. Teff is the new beef! Teff, an ancient grain, is a great source of iron and has a nutty flavor that blends really nicely in smoothies.
  5. Nut Butters add creamy texture, fiber, protein and heart-healthy fats to any smoothie. A great nutty option is Nutty Super Grain Smoothie – it even has Sunwarrior protein, almond milk and ancient grains to pack a real plant-based punch!

I love loading my smoothies with tons of nutrition and adding the benefits of plant-based foods is just another reason to opt for a healthy Smoothie King smoothie any day of the week.

So what do you think – could you give up meat for one meal a day?

Show us your plant-based passion for the chance to win Smoothie King gift cards! Just post your Smoothie Selfie on social media with #GoNutty to be entered.


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