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Back to school is an exciting time for everyone. While it’s important to make sure your kids have the right backpack, folders and pencil cases, it’s also an important time to make sure their nutrition is in the right place. A healthy diet filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein is the best support you can give your kids during the school year. Here are some tips to make this school year better than ever! Read More.

Between the towels, umbrellas, sunscreen, bathing suits and more, packing for a day at a pool, park or beach can sometimes seem like a great reason to just stay home – and that doesn’t even include food or drinks! Here are five refreshing summer foods and drinks that should always be in your beach bag so you don’t break the bank or your health. Read More.

Eating healthy does not always sound fun. There I said it. I can own up to the fact that sometimes the idea of eating another salad is just unappealing, and if I sometimes feel that way as a dietitian, then I know I’m not alone in this. Parents often ask me how to sneak veggies into their kids’ foods, but what about us grown-ups? Here are some of my favorite stealth health tips to eat more nutritious foods. Read More.

We’re approaching that time of year when people start to worry about eating healthy and maintaining weight goals. With events like Thanksgiving, holiday parties and more, it’s no wonder that so many of my clients get overwhelmed during the holiday season. Starting mid-November, it can seem like once the holidays start, they keep going until you’ve officially gained 5 pounds. Instead of wearing elastic waist pants, here are a five tips to keep you on track for a happy and healthy holiday season. Read More.

There is no question that as soon as September ends, we are all thinking about Halloween. Even before summer is actually over, stores are stocking their shelves with giant bags of Halloween candy and treats. The candy is everywhere and as a dietitian, I’m often asked how people should handle it. So I’ve come up with a few tips to make this spooky day the happiest and healthiest Halloween yet for you and your kids! Read More.


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