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As the holidays approach, temptation is everywhere. Baked goods at the office, fattening foods at every party, candy around the house – it seems impossible to stay on track during these last few weeks of the year. But the good news is, the holidays don’t have to mean unhealthy eating. With a few clever food swaps, you can still enjoy the decadent tastes of the season without the calories. Just check out these ideas we’ve put together to help you keep your weight loss goals on track during the holiday season. Read More.

Break out of the ordinary with the Lean1™ Blogger Blend-Off! To help support your weight loss goals as part of your low-calorie diet and regular exercise routine, we asked four talented bloggers for their own refreshing take on Lean1™ protein. Using Nutrition53’s Lean1™ Vanilla protein, each blogger created a recipe that proves that there are plenty of ways to pursue your purpose, deliciously. Read More.

We’re approaching that time of year when people start to worry about eating healthy and maintaining weight goals. With events like Thanksgiving, holiday parties and more, it’s no wonder that so many of my clients get overwhelmed during the holiday season. Starting mid-November, it can seem like once the holidays start, they keep going until you’ve officially gained 5 pounds. Instead of wearing elastic waist pants, here are a five tips to keep you on track for a happy and healthy holiday season. Read More.

You’ve longed for warmer temps and longer days, as well as the fun-filled activities with people you love. That’s where we come in! To fuel your summer fun, we’ve included a #LifesAPeach printable with fun summer photo booth props, as well as a #LifesAPeach on the Beach vacation giveaway. Let us help you make the summer the most memorable one ever – click through for the peachy details! Read More.

Summertime is finally here, and it’s a great opportunity to shape up your eating starting with the right amount of protein and fiber. Did you know that dairy, like Greek yogurt, can actually be a good source of protein? Here are some nutritious ways to enjoy dairy or dairy alternatives all summer long. Read More.


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