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Kids / Appreciating Our Teachers: Strawberry Gift Card DIY

Apr 30, 2015 • Smoothie King

National Teacher Appreciation Day is around the corner on May 5, and we can’t thank the teachers in our lives enough. Early morning traffic duty, inspiring countless little minds, and after-school tutoring are just a few of the many responsibilities that keep our teachers on their toes – in more ways than one! All that time, effort and love needs refueling from time to time, so a healthy snack and gift card to a favorite place is always a thoughtful gift idea. This easy DIY and printable gift tag is sure to be a smooth move!

Items laid out

What You Need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Green Paint
  • Green Sharpie or Paint Pen
  • Black Sharpie or Paint Pen
  • Green Ribbon
  • FREE printable Thank You tag
  • Red Tissue Paper
  • Smoothie King gift card
  • Healthy Snacks – we used Kind granola bars and dark chocolate almonds!

Items laid out

Step 1. To create the stem, paint the entire mason jar lid using your green paint. Set aside to dry while completing steps 2 through 5.

Items laid out

Step 2. Using a green Sharpie or paint pen, outline the strawberry leaves with a jagged line around the top of the mason jar. Then with a black Sharpie or paint pen, draw in the seeds around the base of the jar.

Items laid out

Step 3. Fill in the leaves using the same green paint as your lid, being careful to avoid smudging the painted seeds. Set aside until dry.

Items laid out

Step 4. Once the paint on the jar and lid is dry, fill the jar with red tissue paper and all the healthy snacks, treats and other gifts of your choice.

Items laid out

Step 5. Don’t forget the Smoothie King gift card! ☺

Items laid out

Step 6. Close the mason jar with its lid, finishing off with a green ribbon and the free, printable Thank You tag for your teacher.

Will you be choosing this fruity favor over the traditional teacher’s apple?

Be sure to share a photo of your finished gift and, of course, your favorite teacher with #SmoothieKing!


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