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Kids / Back-to-School Traditions For Healthy Family Fun

Aug 08, 2015 • Smoothie King

We know how you are. Always wanting to stage what will be wonderful memories for your kiddos. You want them to look back over their early years and revel in knowing that you gave them the best years of their life. And we love that about you! One of the best ways you can show you care is by encouraging healthy, happy starts to their school year. Here are some of our favorite ways to fuel family fun and happy, healthy kids. Let’s make this year’s back-to-school season the best one yet!


Make it a special night for the family and invite a few friends over, too! Create a night to remember by dressing up a favorite family meal with a little festive flare. Go all out with fun school-themed decorations, food, and the like. After dinner, gather up everyone for a few rounds of family fun trivia! Take a look at Smoothie King’s Back-to-school Year’s Eve Dinner Pinterest Board for more ideas and inspiration.


Commemorate the first day of the new school year with a photo you’ll cherish for years to come. This is a fun way to capture their favorite things and dreams as well as their momentous first day of school.

Create a customizable sign to interview your kiddo. Have them hold up the sign and snap away!

  1. Get on their level
  2. Use natural lighting whenever possible
  3. Encourage the kids to have fun
Name: _
1st Day Of: _
Smoothie: _
Color: _
Sport: _
Movie: _
Book: _
Best Friend: _


Before you know it, they’ll be off to college, starting their career and getting married! Set aside an afternoon every week to sit and chat over Kids Cups Smoothies as an after-school snack. They can choose from four delicious blends: Apple Kiwi Bunga, Choc-A-LakaTM, Lil AngelTM, and Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz. Each includes essential nutrients and a multivitamin enhancer for healthy, happy kids. Your outing will allow you both that special one-on-one time to catch up. Get the most out of your conversation by asking open-ended questions they can’t answer with just one word and listen attentively before you respond! Try some of these fun questions to get the scoop on their school day.

  1. What gave you the giggles today?
  2. What was the happiest part of your day?
  3. If you were the teacher, what would your classroom rules be?
  4. What’s something new you learned today?
  5. Who was your play buddy today? What do you play?

Spending quality time with your children is important for you and them! With patience, creativity, and a little perseverance, you’ll be well on your way to discovering things you might have never known. The benefit is priceless: you’ll be ensuring nourishment for their growing bodies and their curious minds!

Do you have any back-to-school family traditions? Tag @smoothieking in your back-to-school fun for the chance to win a Kids Cup Smoothie!


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