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Take a Break / Four Fall Activities To Fuel Your Purpose

Oct 02, 2015 • Smoothie King

We can feel it in the air: Autumn is here! The fall season is a time for reinvigorating goals and maximizing every moment to pursue your purpose. Fall is known for its food, fashion, football and best of all – cooler temps to kick up your favorite outdoor workout routine. Sip on your favorite seasonal smoothie and read on for some cool weather activity inspiration.

  1. Feel just as good about what you put inside your body, as what you put on it. Head out to your local farmer’s market for seasonal fruits and veggies in your most fall-worthy ensemble, like A Pearl Kind Of Girl did with Smoothie King. Delicious, nutritious foods in season for fall include blueberries, pumpkins, apples, squash and pineapples.

  1. We’re ready to grab our best pair of running shoes and hit the park, thanks to Fitness Blogger Deep Fried Fit. Staying fit should be a breeze during this time of year – outdoor paths, parks and trails are a great way to explore your city and get in a good workout. All you need is a bench or wall to add exercises like push-ups, dips, lunges and wall-sits.

  1. There’s no mentioning fall without football. You prepare for the game by donning team colors to show your spirit, but leave the tailgate preparation to us! A cooler of smoothies will help keep you full and energized with nutrients to make it all the way from pre-game tailgate to post-win celebration.

  1. Visiting a pumpkin patch isn’t just a childhood pastime. Not even a little bit. Go walk around the patch and pick the best of the pumpkin best for fall or Halloween décor, cooking, you name it! The Style Barn shows off her gourd-geous fall getup, complete with the ultimate fall accessory – a Pumpkin Spice Smoothie. This seasonal favorite includes nutrients like potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help you feel your best for all the fall fun still ahead.

‘Tis the season for all the fall activities and flavors that make going after your purpose exciting and enjoyable. What’s your go-to fall smoothie? Share your smoothie selfies by tagging #PumpkinPassion and @smoothieking – you’ll be entered to win free Smoothie giveaways!


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