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Wellness / B Nutritious’ Five Stealth Health Tips

Apr 25, 2016 • Brooke Alpert

Eating healthy does not always sound fun. There I said it. I can own up to the fact that sometimes the idea of eating another salad is just unappealing, and if I sometimes feel that way as a dietitian, then I know I’m not alone in this. The problem is, if you give into that voice in your head telling you to pass on the salad for that slice of pizza too often, then you end up feeling worse because you’re not eating what your body needs.

Parents often ask me how to sneak veggies into their kids’ foods, and as long as the veggies are still on the plate, I’m ok with it. But what do we do when it’s us grown-ups that need the veggie sneaking? How can we eat well and enjoy our meals all the time? Well, we can get sneaky, too.

Here are some of my favorite stealth health tips to eat more nutritious foods:

  1. Spiralize it: While this option certainly isn’t a 100% replacement for pasta, it often hits the spot when I’m craving a noodle-like dish. My favorite way to spiralize is to use zucchinis and sautée them in garlic and oil or pesto.
  2. Rice it: Cauliflower rice is a huge sensation right now and for good reason. I take raw cauliflower and throw it in my Cuisinart to chop it up in sections. Then I sautee the “rice” in garlic, oil and whatever other seasonings I have on hand!
  3. Top it: Steamed spinach or kale alone isn’t the most exciting, but when I top it with homemade bolognese sauce or even an over-easy egg in the morning, it’s suddenly a whole lot yummier!
  4. Bake it: It may sound strange, but did you know you can make delicious brownies with protein and fiber thanks to a secret ingredient? Black Beans. That’s right! Just search online, and you’ll see tons of kid and grown-up friendly recipes!
  5. Blend it: Veggies and smoothies go together like peas and carrots. If I’m making one at home, I always throw in a handful of anything green I have in the fridge. No blender or time? Smoothie King has 4 ways to get your veggies in – Veggie Blends! I’m super excited about the new Veggie Avocado Pineapple option, too. Take that, boring salads!

Think you’re up for some sneaky eating? Fill me in on your favorite ways, and if you give Smoothie King’s Veggie Blends a try, use #BlendMoreVeggies on social media!


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