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Wellness / 3 Food Ideas For Better Breakfast Month

Sep 12, 2016 • Smoothie King

September is National Better Breakfast Month, and now is the perfect time to focus on this important meal. With school, sports and extracurricular activities firing back up, starting the day with a quality meal is vital. We learned in our Morning Habits blog that consuming a balanced breakfast is essential for your body to operate at its best, but not just any breakfast will do. Celebrate Better Breakfast Month by fueling your body with these tasty and nutritious morning SWAPtions.

Trade milk & cereal for Greek yogurt & granola

Many of us reach for milk and cereal in the morning for a quick and easy solution to fill our bellies; however, with its high sugar content and simple carbs, cereal doesn’t make for a very substantial meal. Instead, fill your bowl with Greek yogurt and make it your own by adding in your favorite granola, nuts and fruit. This fresh combo has protein to keep you full all the way until lunch.

Ditch the donut for whole wheat protein pancakes

As tempting as fried, sugar-coated dough can be, it doesn’t add up to a very beneficial breakfast. Be good to your body and still satisfy your sweet tooth by treating yourself to whole wheat pancakes. Sprinkle some Lean1™ protein powder into the batter for a nutritious bonus that’s oh-so-satisfying.

Skip the fast food and grab a Coffee High Protein Smoothie

Running short on time in the a.m. doesn’t mean you have to short-cut nutrition. Fast food breakfast options may be convenient, but most come highly processed and saturated with sugar and fat. For on-the-go nutrition, drive through Smoothie King to pick up a Coffee High Protein Smoothie. With handcrafted New Orleans cold brew coffee, key vitamins and at least 31 grams of high quality protein, any of the four delicious Coffee High Protein Smoothies will help you power on all day.

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