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Slim / Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Dec 10, 2015 • Brooke Alpert

We’re approaching that time of year when people start to worry about eating healthy and maintaining weight goals. With holiday parties and more on the calendar, it’s no wonder that so many of my clients get overwhelmed during the holiday season. In my last blog post, I shared tips to conquer Halloween in a healthy way, like remembering it is only one day. But starting in November, it can seem like once the holidays start, they keep going until you’ve officially gained 5 pounds. Instead of wearing elastic waist pants, here are a few tips to keep you on track for a happy and healthy holiday season:

  1. Bulk up breakfast: It may seem strange to promote breakfast with so many evening holiday parties, but it is the best way to start your day off right! A protein and fiber-rich breakfast, like Greek yogurt and granola or a smoothie, with the appropriate levels of protein and fiber, helps stabilize your blood sugar levels1 and set you up for good eating habits all day long!
  2. Drink water: It is just too easy to confuse dehydration and hunger, so it’s important to stay well-hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day is also a great reminder that you’re trying to do something good for your health. This little reminder can act like part of your conscience helping you say “no” to that extra piece of pecan pie!

  1. Snack Smart: The worst thing you can do is to arrive to any holiday event hungry, so be sure to have a healthy snack beforehand. A Smoothie King smoothie will do wonders for you! The Dark Chocolate Smoothies are a great option for under 350 calories and up to 15 grams of filling lean protein. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon snack that is easy to pick up before any party!
  1. Plan Ahead: The best way to handle any event focused around food (aren’t they all?) is to plan what you’re going to eat in advance. If you know that you love your aunt’s creamy mashed potatoes, then plan ahead for that to be the indulgence you allow yourself with no guilt at all. Planning ahead to say yes to one special option makes it easier to say NO to other options that aren’t as worth it to you.

  1. Create your plate: Make sure you’re in charge of all the food that ends up on your plate. Make half your plate vegetables, a quarter lean protein and the rest is up to you. Even grown men and women can succumb to pressure to eat more! Creating your own plate helps avoid any food pushers at a holiday meal.

What are your health goals this holiday season? Share them with us on social media with #smoothieking!



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