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Slim / Moo-ving into Summer: Reasons To Incorporate Dairy In Your Diet

Jun 24, 2015 • Brooke Alpert

Summertime is finally here, and it’s a great opportunity to shape up your eating. One way to do that is by following one of the fundamental rules that I have in my practice; which is every meal must contain a protein source and a fiber source. In my notes for my clients, we usually just write P and F on their daily meal plans as a reminder.

Did you know that dairy, like Greek yogurt, can actually be a good source of protein? For example, one convenient way to get both a P and an F in a meal quickly is with a smoothie at Smoothie King. A smoothie with Greek yogurt, fruit and veggies is a perfect balance of everything you need in a meal. The Greek yogurt is high in protein, and the fruit and veggies provide fiber.

I happen to like and personally enjoy dairy, and there are lots of health benefits to consuming dairy. We all know that dairy contains calcium and vitamin D, which are great for healthy bones, but there’s more! Dairy is also an excellent source of B vitamins that help regulate the nervous system, fight depression, promote healthy skin, hair and nails, and help with energy production. I also love yogurt for the natural probiotics they contain, too, which are essential for gut and immune health.

If dairy isn’t your thing, whether due to lactose intolerance or diet preferences, there are so many amazing milk alternatives out there now for you. One of my personal favorites is almond milk. I sometimes make my own at home, but many stores now offer almond milk. For example, I love that your can now opt for almond milk at Smoothie King, too. Choosing almond milk still provides you with calcium and vitamin D, not to mention magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin A. Nothing alternative about that at all!

Here are some great ways to enjoy dairy or dairy alternatives all summer long:

  1. When at home, start with any yogurt as the smoothie bowl base, and add fresh blueberries and chia seeds for breakfast or a snack.
  2. Give smoothie ice pops a try, like this berry & Greek yogurt recipe; or blend up a banana, nut butter and milk of your preference to freeze.
  3. Mix Greek yogurt with fresh herbs like mint, parsley and dill for a veggie dip – perfect for summer parties!
  4. Smoothie King also offers four Greek Yogurt Smoothies: new Peach Papaya, Strawberry Blueberry, Orange Vanilla, and Pineapple Mango.

The possibilities are endless.

How do you do dairy with Smoothie King? Share your pictures with us using #SmoothieKing on social media!


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