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Fitness / Q&A with Pro Beach Volleyball Player Emily Day

Jun 23, 2016 • Smoothie King

At the Smoothie King Summer Hydration Kick-off in Cincinnati, we caught up with pro beach volleyball athlete, Emily Day, where she shared how she stays healthy and hydrated while pursuing her dreams. Check out Emily’s exclusive Q&A for more info on the exciting world of beach volleyball.

Q: So you have a big summer coming up, how have you been training for it and how long?

A: I’ve been playing beach volleyball for a long time, but within these last two years my partner and I have been playing together. There’s been a lot of time in the gym, a lot of sand practices and just a lot of preparation to get ready for the summer.

Q: What are your go-to training tips?

A: As far as gym training goes, I think it’s important to switch up your work-out. You shouldn’t be doing the same thing over and over, week after week. So for me I like to do different workouts on different days. Then for beach volleyball, one of my tips is that you need to make sure you understand where the wind is coming from because that’s going to affect a lot of your game.

Q: How does Smoothie King fit into your training?

A: Smoothie King is awesome in terms of working into my lifestyle. It’s important for me to eat and get protein as soon as I’m done training, so getting that in the form of a Smoothie is perfect. I can stop by there after practice or after a gym session and get all the protein and hydration that I need.

Q: Why is hydration important to your training performance every day?

A: Hydration is not only important while I’m training, but especially before and after to get ready for the next training session or the next match or just to get your body recovered and ready to go for the next week.

Q: What is your favorite Summer Hydration Smoothie and why?

A: My favorite Hydration Smoothie is the Passionfruit Peach Hydrator. I really like it because it quenches my thirst but with a fruity taste to it.

Q: What inspires you to keep playing volleyball?

A: Being able to improve every year and improve daily is what inspires me. I can see the hard work I put into this sport, it pays off. That just keeps you going and motivates you.

Q: What advice would you have for someone interested in setting and attaining their goals?

A: It’s important to write goals down, and not just write them down and throw them in your desk drawer. [Put them] someplace that you’ll revisit once a week or maybe daily, if you need to. Also, not just the big goal, but the steps you’re going to take to get to that goal.

Want to see what a day in a pro athlete’s life is like? Check out Emily Day’s Smoothie King Instagram takeover.


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