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Fitness / #CelebrateTheCup Q&A with Lauren Holiday

Oct 27, 2015 • Smoothie King

World Cup gold medalist Lauren Holiday joined Smoothie King’s #CelebrateTheCup National Tour to fuel the purpose of aspiring, young athletes. On tour stops in Miami, Dallas, St. Louis and Atlanta, Lauren shared everything from her World Cup experience to her pre-game soccer warm-ups. Did you get a chance to meet her? If you didn’t, don’t fret, read on for a special Q&A and the chance to win Lauren Holiday-signed posters!

Aspiring players had a chance to learn more about Lauren on a personal level with questions from the crowd:

Q: There’s a funny story about how you had to switch your number. Can you tell us more about that?

A: I was always number 8 growing up my entire life and in 2008 I didn’t make the Olympic team. My friend Amy Rodriguez took number 8, and Abby Wambach took number 12. When Abby got injured, I then became number 12, and we never switched back.

Q: How many hours do you work playing soccer?

A: It depends on the day. If we’re in camp, I would say on average around 4-4.5 hours a day. If I’m at home training on my own, I would say maybe two hours a day.

Q: What’s it like being in partnership with Smoothie King?

A: I’m so honored to represent Smoothie King, I feel so many sponsorships happen, but I truly love Smoothie King. Smoothie King is a part of my everyday and game day routine. Since I can’t eat a lot before games with having a sensitive stomach, I can always have a smoothie before. A smoothie makes me feel energized and ready to go.

Q: What are your favorite smoothies?

A: I love the Pure Recharge. I love Pineapple Surf for after workouts with protein, as well as the Apple Kiwi Kale for an everyday smoothie.

Q: Tell us more about the clinics and the Celebrate The Cup Tour you’ve been on.

A: I’m on the Celebrate The Cup Tour with Smoothie King and going to a few different cities. I’m running clinics and telling my story about Smoothie King and myself. I love coming out talking to kids and being able to give back. I’m showing them what has propelled me in life – which is a healthy lifestyle in sports. Soccer has given me so much, so if a kid has a passion for it and I can give them that same inspiration, I love to do it.

Attendees from each city had a chance to snag delicious Smoothie King smoothies and swag as well as photos and autographs with Lauren Holiday!

Want an exclusive Lauren Holiday-signed poster, too? Simply reply to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram video post with your answer for the chance to win: What health and fitness goals are you working toward?

We want to see your photos! Tag them with #CelebrateTheCup and #SmoothieKing!


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