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Fitness / 5 Easy Exercises To Get ‘Peach’ Body Ready

Jul 21, 2015 • Brittney Stracener

Are you headed to the beach or a neighborhood pool this summer? If you’re not feeling as confident as you’d like rocking that bikini or swim shorts, here is a workout circuit to help you get sweating and toned up quickly. You’ll be peach – er, beach – body ready in no time! While performing all exercises, make sure to keep your abdomen tightened throughout all exercises and repetitions. This 30-minute workout circuit is all about strengthening the core and glutes.

If you’re a beginner, take your time through each position to focus on the correct form. This is the best way to avoid injury and get the most out of your time. For those ready for a challenge, cut down your rest time in between positions and incorporate heavier weights.

The best part of this circuit, in my opinion, is you can do it anywhere! All you need is yourself and a kettle bell or dumbbell at a weight of your choice. Depending on where you choose to give these exercises a try, feel free to bring along a yoga mat and stay motivated with a Peachy Summer Playlist.

5 rounds|30 seconds each|1 minute rest

Exercise #1: Kettle Bell Swings

Targets: glutes, core, shoulders and cardio

Grab a medium kettle bell or dumbbell to perform this exercise. Start in a squat position while holding the weight between your legs with both hands. Begin raising your arms until they are straight out in front of you, performing a “swinging” motion that moves the kettle bell from underneath you to in front of your core. As you reach the top of the swinging motion, make sure to squeeze those glutes!

Don’t be surprised if your shoulders and lungs start to feel the heat as well. This movement is sure to leave you warmed up, out of breath and energized for more.

Exercise #2: Alternating Traveling Lunges

Targets: glutes, hamstring, quads and core

You can perform this movement with your body weight or add resistance with weights in each hand. While lunging, make sure your knee does not go forward over your toes.

As seen in the image above, your calf should be perpendicular to your foot.

On the way up from each lunge, push through your front heel as you swing your back leg forward. This will help activate your glutes and legs! To continue, simply place down your newly forward leg and lower yourself again into the lunge position, keeping your core tight for balance. Keep lunging forward for 30 seconds.

Exercise #3: Plank to Push-up

Targets: arms, chest, cardio and core

Start on the ground in a forearm plank position – keep your core tight, spine aligned and hips neutral. To reach the next push-up position, lift up one arm at a time and place the palm down until you are propping yourself up with both hands.

Once both arms are in the push-up position, use the same arm you moved first going up to go back down to the forearm plank position.

To keep going, repeat for 30 seconds, alternating the arm that leads into and out of the push-up position. This exercise will leave your shoulders and core burning!

Exercise #4: Russian Twist

Targets: lower and upper abdominals

Start in a static position: bum on the ground, hands to your sides and feet up in the air. The starting position alone will challenge your balance and core! While squeezing your core, rotate your hands from one side of the body to the other. To increase difficulty, hold your kettle bell or dumbbell as you move your hands side to side. Do not perform this exercise quick – take your time, engage your core, and exhale with each twist.

Exercise #5: Jump Squats

Targets: cardio, legs and glutes

Start in a lowered squat position. Explode upward into a vertical jump, straightening your legs below you. As you reach the highest point of your jump contract your quadriceps muscles (front of thighs) by pointing your toes. Land back into your lowered squat position and repeat!

How amazing was that workout? As you can see, getting in an effective workout doesn’t have to be difficult, and neither does getting the right nutrition. Feeding your body post-workout helps nourish and replenish your muscles. For protein and to promote healthy digestion after your physical activity, a Peach Papaya Smoothie with Greek yogurt and electrolytes is a refreshing summer choice. And if you’re looking for opportunities to show off your fit self, you can even enter to win a beach vacation every time you post smoothie selfies with #LifesAPeach though July 29!

Remember – stay active, stay hydrated and stay healthy!

Brittney Stracener is a master trainer and nutrition advisor who specializes in custom training programs and flexible dieting plans. She is a fitness model who overcame her own metabolic damage to discover how to make meal plans and workout plans to fit her goals without depriving her body.


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