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Slim / 3 Slim #SWAPtion Tips for a Happier Holiday

Nov 09, 2016 • Smoothie King

As the holidays approach, temptation is everywhere. Baked goods at the office, fattening foods at every party, candy around the house – it seems impossible to stay on track during these last few weeks of the year. But the good news is, the holidays don’t have to mean unhealthy eating. With a few clever food swaps, you can still enjoy the decadent tastes of the season without the excessive calories. Just check out these ideas we’ve put together to help you keep your weight loss goals on track during the holiday season.

1. Swap These Sides

Holiday sides often disguise themselves as healthy by featuring some of your favorite vegetables. But with butter, sugar, marshmallows and more covering them up, nutrition is pretty much out the window. Luckily, these nutritious veggies have lightened-up alternatives that are festive without being fattening.

Instead of candied yams, try roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with some cinnamon. Swap green bean casserole for fresh green beans sautéed in olive oil with minced garlic. Finally, try a creative mashed cauliflower recipe in place of mashed potatoes for all the creamy texture with fewer carbs.

2. Switch Up Your Sips

‘Tis the season for sipping. It might feel impossible to escape eggnog and hot cocoa, but there’s a better way to fit a festive drink into your weight loss plan. Try an easy cranberry or pomegranate spritzer. Just chill one of these juices, and mix 2 parts of it to 1 part of club soda, seltzer or sparkling water.

This quick trick cuts your liquid calories, while giving you something refreshing and fun to sip on. Top this concoction with some fresh or frozen fruit for a festive touch that will make everyone ask what you’re drinking.

3. Substitute Sweet Treats

Without a doubt, baked goods are the trickiest temptation of the holiday season. Indulgent chocolate goodies like brownies, yule logs and peppermint bark are everywhere. Even hot cocoa sneaks extra calories and sugar in to your holiday diet. But there’s an easy way to get your chocolate fix while staying on track – Smoothie King’s Dark Chocolate Smoothies.

Dark Chocolate Smoothies are available in three decadent holiday flavors: Strawberry, Mint and NEW Cherry

These Smoothies let you have dessert first – they’re a great #SWAPtion for a holiday meal and will satisfy your sweet tooth at under 285 calories and less than 4g of fat per 20 oz. cup. These meal replacement Smoothies With A Purpose (“SWAP” – see what we did there?) can help you meet your weight management goals despite the holiday season. All three flavors of this slim blend will help you stay full and fight seasonal temptations with at least 14 grams of protein and at least 4 grams of dietary fiber.

Treat your taste buds and your body well this holiday season with these smart #SWAPtion ideas to help you through the last weeks of the year. Let us know how these meal replacement Dark Chocolate Smoothies helped you diet with decadence on Twitter and Instagram using #SWAPtion.


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