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Kids / 6 Smart Food Tips For Back-To-School

Sep 07, 2016 • Brooke Alpert

Back to school is an exciting time for everyone. While it's important to make sure your kids have the right backpack, folders and pencil cases, it's also an important time to make sure their nutrition is in the right place. A healthy diet filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein is the best support you can give your kids during the school year. Here are some tips to make this school year better than ever!

 1. Plan ahead for breakfast

Knowing what you're going to prepare in the morning makes life easier than trying to get your teen to answer a question before 7 a.m.! Overnight oats or egg muffins are both great options you can prepare ahead of time that give nutrients needed to get through the day.

 2. Protein in the morning

Make sure there is some source of protein for breakfast to help keep blood sugars stabilized for optimum concentration1. Think yogurt, eggs and nut butters for easy, kid-friendly protein options.

 3. Smart pick-me-ups

If you're carpooling to an afterschool activity or just aren't headed straight home, be smart about what you pick up en route. This is when Smoothie King can be a huge help! Picking up a Kids Cup Smoothie for your student and even one for you is a convenient and portable way to ensure you're optimizing every sip for the best nutrition.

 4. Get the kids involved

Meal and snack planning shouldn't just be on your shoulders. Talk to your kids about healthy choices and why you all need to make them. Allow them to plan meals, snacks or even just make suggestions. The more involved they are, the more likely they will be satisfied with the food options.

 5. Eye level snacks

How many times do your kids open the fridge looking for an after school snack and say there's nothing to eat? Keep baby carrots, hummus, yogurt, string cheese and cut-up fruit all at eye level in the fridge to appeal to your afterschool snackers.

 6. Set the example

For these tips, make sure you follow them as well. If you're only drinking coffee in the morning and not making time for a nutritious breakfast, then why should they? Lead by example and the entire family will benefit!

Following these tips should get the whole family in shape for a great start to the school year! Are you looking forward to “back to school”?  Which one of these tips speaks to you the most?



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