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Success Stories / The Recipe for Real, Healthy Change

Feb 26, 2015 • Smoothie King

Workout more. Eat more vegetables. Lose more weight. More, more, more.

Instead of stressing out about how we're going to even do more in our already overloaded lives, maybe there's a better way.

Many Smoothie King guests were already picking up food on the go. Rather than adding to their schedule and to do lists, they just changed their destination - to Smoothie King! Choosing from 11 Meal Replacement Smoothies in the Change A Meal Challenge created a ripple effect in their lives, inspiring many participants to enact healthy changes in other areas of their life, too.


Meet Karridy.

Karridy with Smoothie King

Why #ChangeAMeal? My job and growing family keeps me busy, which does not leave much time for nutritional consistency. Mid-afternoons and evenings can be especially rough, so I hoped to extend my energy and focus while experiencing an increased sense of wellness.
Favorite Meal Replacement Smoothie: Lean1™ Strawberry Smoothie
How much did you change? I feel great, and I definitely notice a difference on days when I don’t stick to the challenge. An unexpected side effect of changing a meal was losing over 12 pounds! The Change A Meal Challenge has become a staple in my daily routine.


Meet Margaret.

Margaret with Smoothie King

Why #ChangeAMeal? Because today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I want to treat myself better for it. Plus, I’m training for a 10K and want to be in tiptop running shape.
Favorite Meal Replacement Smoothie: Strawberry Blueberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie
How much did you change? I feel great and even completed my first Half Marathon of 2015 in January! I have already registered for 4 more races of varying distances this year, and Smoothie King is an important part of my training plan.


Meet Stephen.

Stephen with Smoothie King

Why #ChangeAMeal? I always feel better when I have Smoothie King, so changing my breakfast and lunch choices will help with my goal of becoming an overall healthier person in 2015.
Favorite Meal Replacement Smoothie: Vegan Mango Kale Smoothie with Electrolytes Enhancer
How much did you change? I’ve noticed I have more energy and mental focus while at work. I was also inspired by these results to start seeing a trainer to help with core strength. Definitely will continue the challenge…and my strength training!

Feeling inspired, too? Share the healthy changes you’re making with #ChangeAMeal on Instagram and Twitter!

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