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Fitness / Try This One Small Change For Big Results

Feb 20, 2015 • Nia Shanks

We’re nearly two months into the New Year. How are you doing with your health and fitness New Year’s resolutions? Sadly, many people have already abandoned their goals because the plan they followed wasn’t sustainable long-term. Maybe you’re one of them.

But there’s great news – it’s not too late. You can still achieve your goals, and it’s simpler than you think.

#1 finger

Here’s what you should do: make one small, simple change.

I know this doesn’t sound exciting or sexy, but it works. The power of focusing on one small, simple thing is that you can do it every single day. This is a great way to attain sustainable results and develop healthy, lifestyle habits. Think about it this way: if I told you to do one simple thing every day, could you do it? Absolutely! But if I gave you a list of 10 or more things to do every day, you may be able to do them all for a day or two, but after a few days you’d start to miss a few things. All that does is make you feel bad since you couldn’t do everything outlined. That’s why doing just one simple (but powerful!) thing is so effective.

So ask yourself: What is one small thing you can do every day that will turn into a sustainable healthy habit? That is the key to getting the results you want and maintaining the long-term.

Smoothie King Strawberry Smoothie

A great place to start, for example, is making your one thing to eat a lower calorie, healthier breakfast. Make this the only change you make for the next 30 days. If you don’t have time to cook in the morning you can always have a smoothie. They’re convenient and portable so you can enjoy it on-the-go. I like to make mine at home with a combination of fruit (strawberries and banana are a favorite) and yogurt (because you want a good dose of protein to keep you full and satisfied) – or you can swing by a Smoothie King for a no-mess, no-fuss option.

Sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle habits are what you should strive for, and it’s the core of my blog, Lift Like a Girl revolution. Begin by making one small, simple change. They add up!

You can kick-start your new lifestyle habits with Smoothie King’s #ChangeAMeal Challenge. Just change one meal with a Meal Replacement Smoothie to see how much you change! Share photos of your #ChangeAMeal experience on social media for the chance to win Smoothie King gift cards!


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