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Fitness / Why You Should Try The Buddy System

Apr 02, 2015 • Brooke Alpert

Looking for a way to increase your diet and exercise resolve and results? Find a partner! It sounds so simple, but numerous studies show that people who partner up for the gym or their meal plan are more successful achieving their goals. There are a few reasons behind this seemingly simple method.

  1. Built in motivation and support system.
  2. Working out is more fun with a friend.
  3. Trying new workouts or foods is less intimidating.
  4. Competition can be a good thing.

Image of two people doing push ups

Having a partner leads to healthy success – as long as you start off on the same page! Before any official pairing, I always ask my clients to come up with a partner contract. It might sound silly, but it makes any partnership so much more effective. There are certain ground rules that are important to go over, for instance, what happens if one of you cancels on a workout? Here are some important points to map out first for a successful health partnership:

  1. What are your goals as partners? (Ex: Weight loss, healthy eating, exercising)
  2. Have a concrete plan. (Ex: We will workout 3 times a week, avoid all white flour, etc)
  3. Have a cancelation policy. (How many times can you cheat or cancel? What happens if you do?)
  4. Have an end date.

Here is an example of a deal I've helped some of my clients make: "Our goals as health partners are to help each other eat well and exercise more to be healthier overall. We will workout together 3 days a week and avoid all white flour and desserts unless we’ve discussed it together. We each get one free pass for a workout cancelation but any more will result in a fine; the one who cancels buys the post workout smoothie next time. We will do this for three months and then reevaluate if we want to do it again."

Image of a work out plan

It's amazing how taking just a few minutes to map out your plans with your buddy will result in so much more success. I see it all the time in my practice and can't wait to see how it works out for you!

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